Jesper Launder Herbal Hunter

Jesper Launder Herbal Hunter

This website is intended as a space to highlight the sheer abundance and remarkable versatility of our native natural resources, and to share Jesper’s experience and adventures. ‘Herbal’ directs the focus, be it nutritional or therapeutic in action. ‘Hunter’ recalls a primitive calling, an urge to seek out and engage nature.

About Wild Food

Herbal Medicine

Medicinal plants have been used to treat illness for thousands of years, with as much as 80% of the worlds’ population currently relying upon treatment with plant-based medicines

In a modern context Herbal Medicine combines traditional knowledge with the latest scientific findings about plant medicines and health.

Medical Herbalists are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors but take a more holistic approach to illness. They are largely concerned with identifying and treating the underlying cause of any disease rather than treating the symptoms alone.

Herbal Medicine aims to promote healing and general health by restoring balance and harmony to the whole body.

The professional body of Medical Herbalists is the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). Entry to the Institute may only be gained following successful completion of three or more year's training.

What Can Herbal Medicine Treat?

Herbal Medicine can treat most conditions for which a patient may see their doctor. Commonly treated complaints include:

  • SKIN - Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Urticaria
  • DIGESTIVE DISORDERS - IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Ulcers, Poor Digestion
  • STRESS RELATED DISORDERS - Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH - PMS, Menstrual Irregularities, Menopausal Symptoms, Polycystic Ovaries
  • CIRCULATORY DISORDERS - Raised Blood Pressure, Varicose Veins, Angina
  • Arthritic Complaints, Infection, and much much more.

What We Do



From the apparent fruitlessness of braving harsh conditions to seek out the rewarding and sublime flavours and colours of a winter forage; to the bountiful abundance of ‘peak-fungal’, basket-filling, autumnal forays; from the mind-boggling shape, texture and flavour of native seaweeds and succulent saltmarsh greens; to the vast richness that is native plant and fungal medicine. We run events to cover some of the most compelling areas of native foraging, creating fun, engaging, connecting, educational, and ultimately enjoyable learning experiences.

A current list of events can be seen via the Facebook ‘Events’ and Eventbrite links below.


Talks - From wine making to herbal medicine

From wine-making course and the production of herbal products and remedies, to teaching about native medicinal fungi, delivering seminars and tailored talks, Jesper is experienced in presenting information and insights in a down-to-earth and accessible format.

Details of upcoming talks can be found in the links below. Follow the ‘Get in Touch’ link to discuss tailoring an event or talk to fit your requirements.

About Jesper

As a child Jesper found himself drawn to explore the multitude natural diversity that abounded in the parks and green spaces of his native Manchester. On holidays to the Soane et Loire region of central France with his family he spent hours lost in the lanes, meadows and woodlands observing or collecting the plants, fungi, and animals that he encountered. He consumed the limited number of books he could find on the subject (Wild Food by Roger Phillips was a revelation), and before the age of ten he was experimenting with edible plants and had identified and eaten his first wild mushrooms. His instinctive and passionate connection with nature has remained as strong as ever, constantly gaining further insight of the natural world and the ways in which humans can engage with it.

In 1998, after discovering that it was even an option, Jesper begin training in Herbal Medicine, something that felt totally instinctive given his background relationship and understanding of plants. On graduating in 2002 he began practicing as a Medical Herbalist and runs clinic from Manchester and Hebden Bridge, his current home-town. As an adult, Jesper’s greatest passion is for fungi, and marrying with his clinical experience as a herbalist he has gained a reputation as an expert on the preparation and uses of medicinal mushrooms, particularly those species which can be encountered in the UK.




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